Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Iva Zdravkovi?

Judicial Academy of the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Serbia

Title: Medical negligence


One of the basic human rights protected by the constitution and international legal acts is the right to life and to health protection. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, human life is inviolable and everyone has the right to protect their physical and mental health. In this regard, the providing of health care by doctors in a legal manner, in accordance with the rules of the medical profession, is of great importance. Although medicine is unpredictable, the doctor is obliged to provide each patient with professional and timely medical help, because otherwise, if due tonegligent/inadequate/inappropriate/unprofession al treatment serious consequences occur for the health of another person, the law foresees criminal liability. In the Republic of Serbia, the Criminal Code prescribes the criminal offense of "negligent provision of medical assistance" and the criminal offense of "failure to provide medical assistance", which belong to the group of criminal offenses against human health. The speaker will present the examples of the above-mentioned criminal acts, the practice of the courts of the Republic of Serbia regarding medical malpractice - both in the area of criminal law and the civil law aspect of medical malpractice in the sense of exercising the injured party's right for compensation for non-material damages.


Iva Zdravkovi? graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Nis at the age of 26, practiced for 2 years at the court of general jurisdiction in Nis, completed her Master's studies at the Faculty of Law at the age of 29, and then passed the Bar Exam and entered the Judicial Academy in the Republic of Serbia.