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Pharma Conference 2022

Abdalla Khabazeh

Damascus University, Syria

Title: Impact of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy on Stillbirth and Other Perinatal Outcomes


This is a  retrospective  cohort  study  conducted  at  two  tertiary  care  hospitals  in Pakistan.  The  primary  outcome  variable  of this  study  was  stillbirth.  Other  outcomes  assessed  in  this  study  included  preterm  birth,  low  birth  weight,  and early  neonatal  death.  Data  of  a  total  of  840  women  were  included  in  this  study;  280  (33.33%)  women  had  hypertensive disorders  of  pregnancy  and 560  (66.67%)  were  normotensive.  Among  women  who  had  hypertensive disorders  of  pregnancy,  the  adjusted  odds  ratio  (AOR)  of  having  a  stillbirth  was  two  times  more  than  that for normotensive women ,  four  times  for  low  birth  weight ,  five  times  for  early  neonatal  death  and  six  times  for  pre-term birth. The current  study  found  that  incidence  of  stillbirth,  low  birth  weight,  pre-term  birth,  and neonatal  mortality  is  higher  in  mothers  with  hypertensive  disorders  of  pregnancy than  normotensive mothers.


Abdalla Khabazeh is a medical student in Syria. He has a great experience in scientific research and speaks five  languages fluently. Despite civil war occuring in his country ,Syria, and all financial restrictions , his hard work made him reach number 1° in the secondary school with the full mark as well as university and he passed the USMLE Step1 recently beside well being in his college exams. His young age ,22, did not stop him from following his dreams in medical research. He worked in editing many medical books and the last one was a great resource for understanding human Physiology . It’s now taught in Syrian universities. Abdalla is working now on several new researches regarding biomedicals as well as internal medicine. Some of them will have a great impact on pharma therapeutics helping Abdalla accomplish his aim: Serving the humanity.