Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2023

Aboudourazak AMADOU

Equimed Group Sarl, Togo

Title: Awareness and willingness to participate in clinical trials in Togo


Context: Clinical Trials (CTs) are the key when it comes to informing clinical decision-making processes. There is a very low number of CTs conducted in Togo, and there is no study that assessed the willingness of Togolese to participate in CTs. 

Aims: The aim of this study was to assess public awareness and willingness to participate in CTs in Togo. 

Subjects and Methods: We designed a cross-sectional study, using an online survey with Google Form in the general population, carried out from December 2019 to March 2020. 

Statistical  Analysis  Used:  An  Excel  sheet  was  generated  from  the  Google  Form,  and  we  performed  a descriptive analysis using IBM SPSS Statistics 21. All variables were presented as frequencies and percentages. 

Results: This study involved 210 participants. The findings of this study are showing that Togolese are reasonably aware about CTs, and they have a positive intention to participate, but they are ignorant of national CTs regulations. Although unawareness and unwillingness may be universally common, one challenge in Togo is the lack of communication. 

Conclusions: The findings of this study are encouraging. The National Bioethics Committee for Health needs to be better communicative, and providing training in clinical research is essential.


Aboudourazak AMADOU is a medical doctor, MSL, researcher, healthcare marketplace consultant and biostatistician. CEO and co-founder at EQUIMED GROUP SARL, he has been the executive director of Hôpital Braun Cinkassé and health insurance Consultant at Gras Savoye Togo (Willis Towers Watson). He has worked in reputable clinics in Lomé and at Al Fikrah Management Consulting in UAE (Abu Dhabi).Involved in clinical research he has participated in several studies and thesis at the University of Lomé. He is author of the book "Social integration through education, school or family?". Recently Aboudourazak has started an ambitious project in the field of international business and cultural diversity for the empowerment of African young people through linking with their global counterparts.