Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2023

Akimana Cedrick

Gitam Deemed to be University, India

Title: Management of diabetes mellitus to improve the quality life of patients


Diabetes is non-communicable disorder that is often a result of change in lifestyle or genetic variations among individuals across the globe. Diabetes is a fatal condition and it is an unpredictable disorder hence it is regarded as a tragedy, painful, horrible and terrifying disorder. This is why this article is intended to call out readers, researchers and scientists to do whatever could be done to prevent, withstand, overcome or cure diabetes particularly type 2 which is mostly found widely. Although the cure of diabetes has not yet been found, the goal is to be able to alter diabetic patient perceptive about the disorder so that they can bear the disorder as a part of who they are bravely, instead of being affected by the disorder condition, and to gradually alert patient awareness will improve patient disorder state, tolerance and acceptance while science and technology are advancing to find the cure or vaccine. Since this chronic disorder have no cure or vaccine, the patient suffers a lot from not only health problems but also psychological, emotional and financial problems therefore it is essential to develop strength within diabetic patients to withstand the disorder state via treatment, surgery, yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition and habitual changes. Elevating diabetic mellitus patient's attitude, knowledge, self-acceptance and strength will result into better patient compliance toward the treatment but also society 's perceptive will be enhanced by care toward diabetic mellitus patients, through various seminars and Counselling.


Akimana Cedrick graduated at Gitam Deemed to be university (India), first class with distinction bachelor's of pharmacy with specialisation in Advanced instrumentation techniques and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs at age of 21. Apart from being health advocate, Cedrick conduct seminars on topics such as mental health, Autism and leadership.