Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Ana Karen Mora Trejos

University of Costa Rica , Costa Rica

Title: How To Write An Academic Article For Revista Médica, Ucr


All professionals are trained daily to improve the techniques, functions and procedures of their profession. Some of these skills are learned within the university training process, many others are developed with practice. However, within academic training, the professional is not always trained so that he can transmit his ideas through the written code. In this way, when they have to sit down to write, many times that process can become overwhelming, because the writing process is systematic, orderly, and has its own rules. Based in this, this manual, prepared from a philological perspective, has the purpose of assisting the researcher in his/her writing work before sending his/her text or texts to Revista Médica. In this brief manual, both stylistic writing tips and grammatical regulations are considered in order to optimizing that writing processes. The main sources that nourish this work are Nueva gramática de la lengua Española, Fundéu and Diccionario panhispánico de dudas.


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