Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2023

Astha Tripathi

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, Kanpur, India

Title: Offering an antibacterial solution for the prevention of dental caries / cavities


Mushrooms are a nutritionally functional food and a source of physiologically beneficial medicines. Both fruiting body and the mycelium contain compounds with wide ranging antimicrobial activity. Mushrooms are rich sources of natural antibiotics; in these, the cell wall glucans are well known for their immunomodulatory properties, and many of the externalized secondary metabolites (extracellular secretions by the mycelium) combat bacteria and viruses. Dental caries, a chronic disease is unique among human and is one of the most common important global oral health problems in the world today. Dental caries refers to the localized destruction of susceptible dental hard tissues by acidic by-products from the bacterial fermentation of dietary carbohydrates. Streptococcus mutans is a normal microflora found in oral cavity. This bacterium can be found inhabiting the oral cavity of almost all humans. Cordyceps spp. were selected for the formulation of the chewable tablets. The mushroom tablets relates generally to composition having anti-bacterial activity for the prevention of dental carries and chewable tablets thereof wherein the composition comprising aqueous extract of mushroom.


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