Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Beatriz R P Soares

Institute of Tropical Medicine, Brazil

Title: Survey of the profile of pharmacy and hospital pharmacists in a prospective cross-sectional study of the State of São Paulo in the year 2018- 2019


This study aims to identify hospital pharmacies' structures and the performance of hospital pharmacists in the State of São Paulo. Methods: A cross-sectional study, developed by the Technical Working Group of Hospital Pharmacy of CRF-SP by forwarding emails to Pharmacists of the State of São Paulo and dissemination in the CRF-SP Portal in the period from October 2018 to February 2019, as a collection instrument, we used the questionnaire in Google Docs format containing 55 questions addressing the aspects general characterization of the hospital, hospital pharmacy, and the pharmacist. Statistical analysis included absolute and relative frequency, non-parametric tests with p-value <0.05 and 95% confidence interval, being presented in the form of tables. We used the statistical software JAMOVI (version 1.6.23) for the elaboration of statistics. Results: A total of 434 pharmacists participated in the study, representing 4.8% with work activity in the hospital area. We observed that administration of the hospital area is more related to private service in own administration 173 (45.9%; p<0.001), the segment with the specialty hospital 246 (65.3%; p<0.001), specialties such as oncology 40 (14.9%; p=1.000), contributing with strategic, tactical, and operational decisions, improving the technical structures and strengthening the health service and the activities of pharmacists related to discharge orientation with 148 (48.5%; p<0.001), intervention in prescriptions 236 (77.4%; p<0.001), multidisciplinary visit 229 (75.1%; p<0.001) and medication reconciliation 220 (72.1%; p<0.001). Conclusion: In conclusion, we observed the need to develop the activities for the hospital pharmacist as the main process: hospital discharge orientation, drug-related interventions, the active pharmacovigilance process in the state of São Paulo, and the importance for hospital pharmacists who participate in multidisciplinary visits and medication reconciliation present better results when compared to institutions that do not have this professional. Although there is a need for more studies related to the area.


Beatriz Rodrigues Pellegrina Soares has completed her Master’s degree from the Institute of Tropical Medicine – FMUSP (2022), São Paulo. She is pharmaceuticals for 7 years. She is a volunteer Member of the Hospital Pharmacy Technical Working Group of the Conselho Regional de Farmácia of State São Paulo (2017- at present). She is a postgraduate in Clinical Pharmacy in Infectology from Braz Cubas (2020), Hospital Pharmacy - Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy from FMUSP (2018), and Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry from ICTQ (2018). Scientific Initiation Student from UNICSUL (2012-2013). Research Highlights in Health and Biological Sciences from FMUSP (2021). She has published two scientific articles, participated in Nacional Congresses as a moderator and poster and video presentations, published a chapter of the book Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection 31 years of experience in outpatient care (2021) and participated in an interview about New Therapies for HIV in the CRF-SP pharmacist magazine (2020).