Virtual Conference

Denis Hanett Paternina Gonzalez

University of Sucre, Colombia

Title: Social determinants that influence treatment adherence in type I diabetic patients. The importance of nursing education. Systematic review


In recognition of the growing burden of diabetes, the world health assembly in 2021 urged member states to: “intensify, where appropriate, efforts to address the prevention and control of diabetes as a public health problem, emphasizing the importance of prevention from an early age. The current advances in the treatment of dm1 come from the use of technology, together with regulated/structured and continuous diabetes education, this being a fundamental piece to improve control, adherence to treatment and the quality of life of patients. In this systematic review, the objective was to describe the social determinants that influence adherence to treatment in patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus 1 (dm1). A systematic bibliographic search was carried out in the databases: mendeley, PubMed, web of science and Cuiden. Descriptive, observational, and intervention studies that met the prisma statement criteria were selected. Data on authors, objectives, results and conclusions of works that included variables such as: social determinants of health, adherence to treatment, patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus were collected. 341 articles were found, to which 32 additional references were added. through the free search, for a total of 373 elements. After filtering using the prisma flowchart, 32 articles met all the criteria and of these, 18 were finally selected according to the study variables. It was possible to conclude that: the knowledge acquired about the disease through education provided by endocrinologists and nurses, family support, being a woman, high socioeconomic level and having technological devices for control and treatment, are the social determinants that most influence the adherence.


Nurse master in direction and management in nursing, master in education and human development, specialist in public health management and with training in family health. Programming experience, coordination, execution and evaluation of programs and projects of health and education, professional and teaching experience of 30 years in undergraduate nursing. also in the coordination and execution of the social projection program of the university of Sucre and the projects that integrate it research experience in health and evaluation of scientific articles for publication in magazines in the health area, coordination of the radio program of the faculty of health sciences "let's talk about health"