Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

E. Selvakumari

College of Pharmacy, Mother Theresa PG & RIHS, India

Title: Challenges & overcoming strategies in exploring phytoceuticals against covid-19 variants


The worldwide challenge against Covid-19 draws the alarming attention of global researchers and pharmaceutical companies in developing effective and safe therapies for humankind. The pandemic scenario has led to repurpose the existing drugs with potential pharmacological targets. Exploring the phytoceuticals against covid-19 variants, the phytomolecules should target in preventing fusion of SARS Covid-2 with human cells, inhibit proteases and the production of proinflammatory cytokines to prevent fatal cytokinin storm. Phyto-inhibitors Lycorine - pyrrolophenanthridine alkaloid, Aescin – pentacyclic triterpene saponin showed remarkable activity against SARS CoV. The challenges in phyto drug discovery are solubility, elucidating the metabolic conversion of molecules in blood stream, delivering the molecule into target site. To overcome the challenges the structural complexity and its metabolic product has to be structurally elucidated. In addition Pharmacokinetic studies, genotoxic profiles of mutant strains, pilot study and randomized controlled trials have to be conducted along with vaccines and synthetic drugs under research. The reproducible preclinical and clinical studies of the phytomolecules will provide a way to discover potent phyto antivirals against covid-19, similar to the noble molecule Artemisinin and quinine led to pharmaceutical drug molecule Dihydroartemisinin and Choroquine which are the examples of semi-synthetic phytomolecules against malaria in malarial outbreak.


Selvakumari completed her Ph.D at the age of 32 years from The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, India. She is a recipient of research award PG research Fellowship award– Development, Optimization & Characterization of Nanoemulsion from Cyperus compresus (Cyperaceae) by TN Phamaceutical sciences welfare trust 2019-2020. She received three research grants for projects Development & Optimisation of nanoformulation (o/w) from Kalanchoe gastronis bonnieri (Crassulaceae) against renal calculi and apoptosis (PI), AICTE (RPS) 2019-2020 (20,540 USD), A classical siddha drug and a pilot study to evaluate its safety and therapeutic efficacy in Madumegam (Type II DM), CCRS 2018-2019 (40,743 USD), Creation & Establishment of Pollen callender for Puducherry by DST 2016-2017 (810 USD). She filed a patent on Formulation of Glimepride tablet using a novel diluent and super acting disintegrant isolated from Nymphaea pubescens (201941017502). She is an Editorial Board member in Journal of Academia & Industrial research and she deposited Gene sequence of Kalanchoe gastonis bonnieri in NCBI (GenBank:OK085467.1). She has 50 publications in national and international peer reviewed journals. She also authored a chapter in open access book "Pharmacognosy-Medicinal plants" edited by Prof.Hany El-shemy, ISBN 978-1-83969-276-5, Intech open series UK, London