Virtual Conference

Erdem Toktay

Kafkas University, Turkey

Title: Effects of Engeletin on induced insulin resistance in human HepG2 liver cells


Objective: It was aimed to show the effect of Engeletin on insulin resistance and oxidative cell damage in human HepG2 liver cells.

Materials and Methods: Human HepG2 cells were grown in cell culture medium and insulin resistance was developed in these cells. After determining the toxic and effective doses of Engeletin, MDA, SOD, GSH and glucose levels were investigated biochemically. In addition, the effects of Engeletin on IRS1, IRS2 and Glut2 levels were determined with molecular parameters on insulin resistance.

Results: In HepG2 cells, insulin resistance was observed to decrease glucose consumption, IRS1, IRS2 expressions and to increase Glut2 level, while Engeletin showed a metformin-like effect by increasing glucose consumption, IRS1, IRS2 expressions and decreasing Glut2 level. In addition, Engeletin attenuates oxidative cell damage by increasing the levels of MDA, which increases due to oxidative stress in insulin resistance, by decreasing the levels of GSH and SOD, and by decreasing the levels of Cas-3, Cas-9 and TNF-?, which are increased in insulin resistance.

Conclusion: Engeletin has a protective and therapeutic effect by correcting insulin resistance in human HepG2 cells and preventing oxidative cell damage in IR.


Erdem Toktay has completed his PHD at the age of 32 years from Ataturk University, Turkey. He is working at Histology and Embryology department of Kafkas University, Turkey. He has over 40 publications that have been cited over 350 times, and his publication h-index is 9. He has been serving as an editorial board member at Kafkas Medical Journal.