Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2023

Jana Martinaskova

University Hospital Pharmacy Ostrava, Czech republic

Title: Drugs with potencial to induce photosensitivity


As pharmacists, we are obliged to provide patients with information regarding the correct and safe use of their medicine. There is a number of drugs with photosensitizing potential that can cause adverse reaction after exposure to sunlight. In the pharmacy, we must therefore warn the patient about the risky drugs and recommend appropriate behavior that leads to the minimization of the development of this adverse effect. My presentation summaries selected medication and drug groups for which a clinically significant risk of photosensitivity reaction development has been demonstrated. 


Jana Martinásková graduated from Fakulty of Pharmacy in 2005.  The professional activities focuses on solving drug problems and proper pharmaceutical care of patients. Provides articles to Czech Practical pharmacy journal regarding right management of medicines. Co-organizes the traditional conference for pharmacists in the region of Ostrava. Prepares presentations for public with selected health topics. Member of the committee of the Association of Moravian-Silesian Pharmacists in Ostrava belonging to the Czech Pharmaceutical Society of J.E.Purkyn?.