Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Luciana Pastena Giorno

Federal University of ABC, Brazil

Title: Jet-spinning technique applied in skin tissue engineering: proposal of a PCL/Gelatin polimeric device


Introduction: Concepts from materials science and biology have been studied to develop a material suitable for burns and rare skin diseases. Both the raw material and the technique used to produce a biomedical material must be considered. As the material impacts cellular interaction, in addition to stimulating a possible inflammatory response of the patient's body, it was proposed to develop a material based on low-cost bioabsorbable and biocompatible polymers for these tissue injuries. 

Objective: To verify the material's characteristics, and cellular interaction in the biomaterial. 

Materials and Method: Polycaprolactone fibers were formed by Jet-spinning technique, and their surface was modified with gelatin. Mechanical testing, fiber porosity, thermal properties, and scanning electron microscopy were performed. 

Results and Discussion: Differential scanning calorimetry showed that the gelatin reduced the melting point and degree of crystallinity polycaprolactone fibers, in addition to indicating greater elastomeric properties. In general, the thermograms were in agreement with the literature. The data showed that the biomaterial was stable at room temperature and under commonly used storage conditions. The porosity correlates the cell-material interactions, and the gelatin increased cellular interactivity to polycaprolactone, as well as indicated secretory phenotype for the cells. On the surface of the material, well-spread and adherent cells were observed, with vesicles or microvilli on them. 

Conclusion: Both the material and the technique used were promising. Furthermore, the material structure can be changed by the polymer type, polymer concentration and/or solvents. 


Visiting researcher at the Brazilian Center of Reference in Technological Innovations for Paralympic Sport, Brazil. Ph.D. in progress at the Federal University of ABC. She has been serving as an editorial board member of journals, and as a reviewer. Master's degree in Biotechnology (UFABC, 2020). In the same period she had an honorable mention to participate as a co-supervision of academic work on tissue engineering for skeletal muscle injuries. Residency in Organ Transplantation and Harvesting (UNIFESP, 2015). Worked as a Physiotherapist at Hospital do Coração/São Paulo, focusing on intensive care units, quality of life, pre and postoperative period, and kidney/heart transplants. Participated in the organizing committee of the 1st International Workshop Lolita San Miguel, Brazil (FEFISA, 2012).