Virtual Conference

M. Shukry

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre , Saudi Arabia

Title: Documenting pharmacist intervention: A technology driven solution to overcome challenges


Introduction: Clinical pharmacist conducts multiple activities governed by the best evidence for disease management and safe medication practices. The ASHP highlighted the importance of documenting and recording clinical pharmacy interventions1. Interventions by clinical pharmacists in a hospital setting prevent adverse drug events2,3, reduce hospital length of stay and mortality rate, and provide a significant economic benefit to health care systems4-6. Documentation is a vital key performance indicator to demonstrate the impact of clinical pharmacy services. Over the years, hospitals are facing challenges to simplify, optimize and promote clinical interventions documentation and interpretation7. At KFSH&RC-Jeddah, clinical pharmacists utilize secured in-house electronic Documentation System (e-DS) to document clinical interventions. We aim to study the impact of enhancing the in-house (e-DS).

Objective: The objective of the research project is to measure the impact of investing in electronic documentation system and its impact in overcoming challenges related to pharmacists’ intervention documentation, such as standardize capturing of more interventions and reducing time spent on documentation. In addition, identifying cost avoidance from prevented medication errors and adverse drug events.  

Method: This single-center descriptive study is a retrospective review that compare pre and post implementation of in-house e-DS enhancements. Our institution made a series of efforts to optimize the clinical pharmacist documentation that include: standardizing the intervention classification and fields categories, improving layout usability, and enabling remote accessibility from any smart devices. The enchantments implemented at 3 phases in April 2017, October 2017 and February 2018, respectively. To evaluate the impact of the enhancements, data collected between Sep 2017 and Sep 2018 for documented interventions by clinical pharmacists for admitted patients were compared. Data to be collected for analysis include: clinical interventions, types of interventions, cycle time for documentation, and drug cost. Outcomes will include number of documented interventions, prevented medication errors/adverse drug events, time saving and cost avoidance. Descriptive analysis will be performed for categorical variables.

Results/ Expected Outcome: Research in progress, at the stage of data analysis. Expected measured outcomes are: number of documented interventions, prevented adverse drug events, reduced medication errors, time waste, and cost avoidance. 

Conclusion: This study compares pre and post implementation of e-DS enhancements through measuring the listed outcomes. Some of the identified study limitations are inability to generalize the descriptive statistics results; manual entry might impact the accuracy of the data in the e-DS by pharmacists. 

Acknowledgments: Mention any individuals, organizations and funding agencies that were involved in the study.


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