Virtual Conference

Marina Topkoska


Title: Vitamin E and Resveratrol, importance of simultaneous detection and quality control of products


Having in mind that naturally occurring Vitamin E and Resveratrol, are often a powerful combination with attributed significant antioxidant, antitumor, cyto-protective and anti-inflammatory properties, without strictly defined pharmacopoeia regulations (control of correctly declared amount/product), in the hands of the final consumer, in form of dietary supplements, can lead to many severe, undesirable side effects, apart from their desired and beneficial effects. However, in various human trials resveratrol exerts hormetic response – sometimes has substantial protective and beneficial effects of lower dose (5-75mg/day) demonstrated in various studies slowing down age-related cardiac dysfunction, preventing cancer, slowing down AD symptoms and improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, but sometimes exacerbates the disease conditions especially in higher doses (2000mg/day). The same attention for accurate dosing the patients with vitamin E has to be applied, especially when patients are already on anticoagulation and/or antiplatelet therapy. Thus an analytical tool for simultaneous quality control of both components, that provide fast, accurate, reproducible and robust results was developed. For this purpose, the method development was consisted of several steps in order to overcome typical analytical challenges when dealing with:  wide range of polarity among substances, different UV-spectral characteristics (absorbance maxima), partition coefficients, solubility, molar extinction coefficient etc. Different chromatographic variables during method development were investigated including selection of suitable wavelength, mobile phase composition, HPLC column, elution possibilities. The final conditions chosen, offer the possibility to estimate the content of both components accurately and with high level of confidence, which in turn reflects on the overall benefit for the patient.


Marina Topkoska, holds a Master of Pharmacy and Chemical Sciences degree. She is also specialized in Drug Quality Control. Marina is working in the field of drug control and analytical research and development for almost 15 years and is currently at the position Head of Quality Control at Chilam Ltd. She has over 30 publications that have been cited over 10 times, and currently is working on some new challenges and articles to be published.