Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Maslennikova G.Ya

National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine, Russian Federation

Title: Medicines Good Registration Management: International Perspectives


The global impact of Covid-19 on public health has revealed countries health care systems unpreparedness to provide timely and effective health assistance to large part of population. The differences in Covid-19 lethality rates in different countries were conditioned on the affordability and availability of the effective, safe medicines and vaccines to the public. In that situation promotion of practices of the Good Registration Management of medicines and exchange of the appropriate clinical practice of their submission was a vital necessity. The APEC-European Consortium and Russia-European Medicrim Convention are the good examples of the transnational regional cooperation in the field of effective promotion of medicines including vaccines as well as medical devices. Wide discussion of strategic directions of these organizations maximizes international cooperation, reduce duplication, use of counterfeit pharmaceutical and medical products, and also expand consumer access to high-quality, safe and effective therapeutic products. These discussions are vital today when the world faces the high risk of virus and infection diseases as well as high morbidity rates of non-communicable diseases. Some challenges for this century also include multi - and co-morbidity within a group of non-communicable diseases, and mixed conditions of virus, infection and non-communicable diseases as well


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