Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Mohammed tahar Ben Moussa

University of Batna , Algeria

Title: Study of the chemical variability in the flavonoids levels of Matricaria pubescens from Algeria


From the species belonging to the asteraceae family, a North African specific plant named Matricaria pubescens which is commonly known and used throughout Algeria, mainly in its Sahara, from the secondary metabolites which are highly reported and studied are flavonoids, that remain very interesting in order to understand the chemistry of the plants as well as its therapeutic and pharmacological activities, The flavonoids were extracted from the plant's aerial parts and then determined using HPLC-PDA-MS. The differences in the contents of these flavonoids were investigated in nine samples obtained at different times from two locations in Algeria's northern Sahara. 12 molecules were reported, with 8 having levels superior to 5%,  namely: 4H-1-Benzopyran-4-one, 2-[4-[(6-deoxy-?-l-mannopyranosyl)oxy]phenyl]-8-(?-d glucopyranosyloxy)-5,7-dihydroxy-, Quercetin 3-galactoside 7-rhamnoside, Apigenin 7-glucuronide, Flavone, 2',5,5',6- tetrahydroxy-3,4',7-trimethoxy-, tetraacetate, Chartreusin, 4’,5-Dihydroxy-7-methoxyflavanone, Flavone, 4',5- dihydroxy-7-methoxy-, and 6,11,12,17-Tetraacetoxy-5,18-trinaphthylenedione. The multivariate analysis utilizing HCA and PCA tests revealed several chemical patterns based on the levels of the above-mentioned flavonoids, in agreement with the studies of essential oil taken from the same samples, the chemotype varieties or in other words the genetic variability may be pointed out to explain the difference in the chemical patterns in the flavonoids contents, An in depth study with higher population samples could be the solution to confirm this hypothesis.


Dr Mohammed tahar Ben Moussa has completed a PhD in pharmacognosy, he is a lecturer, president of the scientific counsel, and head of the laboratory of pharmacognosy at the university of Batna2, he has many papers and works related to the therapeutic benefits of plants.