Virtual Conference

Negla Abdulghani Elsayed Yagoub

Khartoum University, Sudan

Title: The influence of thermal treatment on physical properties of guar gum


In this study, we treat the guar gum by appointed temperature and time in full factorial Design, this result in different viscosity grades of guar gum according to different temperatures and time, the unexpected increase in viscosity at temp.50 to 70 corresponds to solubilisation of the polymer then there is a gradual decrease in viscosity with increasing temperature and time due to polymer degradation. When we compare the treated guar gum with non-treated and xanthan gum we found different physical properties, less viscosity and swelling capacities and good compressibility of treated guar


Negla Yagoub started a research journey a long time ago in the pharmaceutical field which results in many published papers in worldwide pharmacy journals. The research focused on how we can use natural polymers effectively in drug manufacturing and nanotechnology.  Also, besides that, she has another journey in the academic field working with pharmacy students at many universities.