Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Neha Dubey

Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences , India

Title: Measurement of Self Report Scale (SRS) for Assessing Activity Participation to Home-Based Exercise Regime among Stroke Survivors


Introduction and Background: Stroke survivors are often deconditioned and prone to a sedentary lifestyle, which limits everyday activities. In discharge patients home-rehabilitation is crucial for reaching full functional abilities, and its cost-effective services can also alleviate anxiety among patients and caregivers. Therefore self-report scale (SRS) is designed to assess the activity participation to prescribed home-based exercise regime among Stroke Survivors.

Methodology: After satisfying the inclusion criteria and informed consent. A total of 30 patients who are going to discharge from the hospital were randomly divided into Group A (control) and Group B (experimental). Group A (n=15) receives explicit verbal instruction and demonstration of the prescribed home exercises, while group B receives an exercise brochure containing descriptions and pictorial illustrations of the above exercises. Both groups were asked to fill a self-report scale under the direct supervision of the caregiver.

Result and Discussion: The baseline demographic characteristics passed the normality test (W). The mean of the patient self-report scale of Group A is 188.75±21.89, and that of Group B is 222±24.73 with a "t" value (-2.07) and p-value 0.046, The test is significant at p<0.05. The participation rate of Group B (78.93%) indicates a significant increase in activity participation as compared to Group A.

Conclusion: It is concluded from the above study that self-report scale (SRS) assesses the participation levels to the prescribed home-based exercise regime among stroke survivors.


Neha Dubey has submitted the PhD Thesis for Evaluation. Currently she is employed as a Faculty in the Department of Physiotherapy from the Faculty of Paramedical Sciences at the Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences in Saifai, Etawah, U.P; India. She is Specialized in M.P.T (Neuro) and active Member of I.A.P, N.I.A.P, B.L.S (NHCPS), and Women Sensitization Cell. She has 13 years of experience (Academic and Clinical).