Virtual Conference

Noelle Marie H. Fontanilla

National University - Manila, Philippines

Title: Knowledge, attitude and barriers to compliance for the pharmacy support workforce requirements and responsibilities on the Philippine pharmacy act


The New Pharmacy Law revolutionize Community Pharmacy practice. Training and drugstore personnel roles require regulation. The study assessed the knowledge, attitude, and barriers (KAB) in compliance to responsibilities and requirements on pharmacy support workforce (PSW) among independent drugstores in Rodriguez, Rizal. A descriptive exploratory design with an expert validated, piloted and reliability tested instrument was employed. Forty-two owners and fifty-three PSW participated. Owners are mostly ages 26-40, female, vocational or bachelor’s graduates, and without training. PSW are generally ages 21-35, female, high school graduates, with 0-4 years’ employment, and a monthly salary of P5,000.00-10,000.00. Owners (88.1%) and PSW (77.4%) had ‘poor knowledge’ but with ‘positive attitude’ towards compliance. Most are hesitant to finance their training. Inaccessibility of training site is a moderate barrier to compliance. KAB between owners and PSW did not significantly differ. Level of knowledge (LOK) significantly differed with training attendance (p < 0.001) for owners and PSW and with highest educational attainment (p = 0.018) and length of employment (LOE) (p = 0.0403) for PSW.  PSW’s attitude differed with LOE (p = 0.049). Owner’s LOK is positively associated with administrative barriers (r = 0.32) and owner’s and PSW’s attitude is negatively associated with personal barriers (rs = −0.39 and rs = −0.53, p < 0.01). Further PSW’s attitude is negatively associated with administrative barriers (rs = −0.45, p = 0.001). Based on the results obtained, accessible and affordable training should be provided to owners and PSW to enhance their competencies and comply with requirements.


Noelle Marie H. Fontanilla is a registered pharmacist, and she finished her Master of Science in Pharmacy Major in Management and Administration at the age of 25 in Philippine Women’s University. She worked as a Health Program Officer in the Epidemiology Bureau of Department of Health – Philippines and currently an Assistant Professor at National University – Manila.