Virtual Conference

Norzhima Arkhincheeva

Buryat State University, Russian Federation

Title: The effect of a neuropeptide-containing drug in the early recovery period of stroke


The report presents a clinical observation, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the combined application of the peptide-containing medicament with mirror therapy in the complex rehabilitation of the patient with motor disorders of the hand in the early recovery period of ischemic stroke. On the background standard rehabilitation measures, such as therapeutic physical training, physiotherapy, medical treatment, including polypeptides of the cerebral cortex of cattle in combination with mirror therapy, was achieved a reduction in the neurological deficit of the paralyzed arm, increase in muscle strength of the upper limb, improving fine motor skills, increasing of the functional independence and psycho-emotional tone.


Norzhima Arkhincheeva graduated with honors from Irkutsk State Medical University in 2009. I work as a neurologist in an emergency hospital. In 2020, I entered postgraduate school in the specialty "Clinical Pharmacology". Currently, I am conducting a clinical reserch to study the effect of natural medicines in the acute period of stroke. I have several publications on this work.