Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2023

Pham Nguyen Cuong

Hue Central Hospital, Vietnam

Title: Braf gene mutations characteristics on colorectal cancer patients by diatech pharmacogenetics instrument: Results at Hue central hospital and literature review


BRAF mutations are rare, but these mutations can cause many serious health problems. BRAF mutations occur in colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, ovarian tumor, etc. Colorectal cancer with BRAF gene mutation at the V600E has a worse prognosis than those without mutation. Hue Central Hospital, using a Real-time PCR instrument of  Diatech Pharmacogenetics company, detected 2 of 62 cases of BRAF gene mutation at V600E with lymph node metastasis as soon as cancer was detected. The purpose of the article is to record data and review the literature to study more on this type of clinical disease.


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