Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Pooja Motar

MGM Institute of Health Sciences, India

Title: Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation on Upper Limb Motor Functions in Patient with Chronic Stroke - A Case Report


Background: Literature shows that intensive Functional Electrical Stimulation facilitates upper limb motor recovery after Stroke.

To assess the effects of 4 weeks of FES therapy on right upper limb motor functions in patient with Chronic Stroke.

Materials and Methods:
The participant was thirty year old male Right Hemiparesis who had experienced Chronic Ischemic Stroke. FES therapy was given for forty five minutes per session, three sessions a week for complete four weeks. The pre and post intervention score were measured with Fugl Meyer Assessment, Voluntary Control Grading and MAS.

The Fugl Meyer Assessment score for right upper limb showed improvement with progression in stage of VCG for right upper limb and hand. Also improved MAS score was noted for right shoulder, elbow and hand muscles.

The current study confirms that application of FES therapy improves upper limb motor functions in Chronic stage of Stroke after 4 weeks.


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