Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Puneet Kumar Gupta

CavinKare Private Limited, India

Title: Strategies for Enhancing Product Yield: Design of Experiments (DOE) for Escherichia Coli Cultivation


E. coli is considered one of the best model organism for biopharmaceutical production by fermentation. Its utility in process development is employed to develop various vaccines, metabolites, biofuels, antibiotics and synthetic molecules in large amounts based on the amount of yield in shake flasks, bioreactors utilized by batch, fed-batch and continuous mode. Production of the desired molecule is facilitated in the bioreactor by employing strategies to increase biomass and optimized yield. The fermentation is a controlled process utilizing media buffers, micronutrients and macronutrients, which is not available in a shake flask. To maximize the production temperature, dissolved oxygen (aerobic), dissolved nitrogen (anaerobic), inducer concentration, feed or supplementation of nutrients is the key to achieving exponential growth rate and biomass.  Design of experiments (DOE) is critical for attaining maximum gain, in a cost-effective manner. DOE comprises of several strategies likewise Plakett-Burman., Box-Behnken, Artificial Neural Network, combination of these strategies leads to reduction of cost of production and minimizing downstream process for quickly isolation, purification, and enrichment of the final product.


Puneet Gupta has completed his PHD at the age of 33 years from ICGEB-Jamia Hamdard PhD. Program, India. He is the Head of Diagnostics and New Product Development at CavinKare, India. He has over 20 publications that have been cited over 100 times, and his publication h-index is 21. He is driving many industrial projects for process development and translation to achieve commercial success.