Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2023

Rahul Hajare

G H Raisoni University , India

Title: An Overview of Covid-19 and Its Progression in India


The current SARSCoV2 (coronavirus illness 2019) outbreak, which began in the People's China, has spread to many other nations leading to the early declaration by World Health Organization as a pandemic on March 12, 2020. This research focuses on the progression of the coronavirus pandemic in India, measures put in place to fight the pandemic and evaluation of India’s response in terms of both containing the pandemic and mitigating the social and economic effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. This review highlights on and analyzes the quarterly pattern of the infection rate, critical cases, active cases and mortality rates of the pandemic in India. The research points out how the Indian government implemented and enforced measures such as; hand and respiratory cleanliness, social distancing, quarantining travelers, and isolating symptomatic cases in the quest to mitigate the spread of the infection. India's mortality rates were found to be lower than some other African countries. The study concludes that the actions adopted by the Indian government so far in handling the pandemic have generated significant achievements, despite some challenges encountered due to the non-adherence to protocols by some fractions in the Indian population. It is however recommended that more control measures such as mass vaccination, mass testing and contact tracing will help track the infection and further reduce the rate of infection.


Rahul Hajare studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Amravati University, India and graduated as B.Pharm in 2002. He then joined the research group of Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Education and Quality Assurance, Nagpur University. He received his PhD degree in 2012 at the Vinayaka Mission University. After two year postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Respected Dr. Ramesh Paranjape at the National AIDS Research Institute ICMR Pune India. He worked at the same Institute under the guidance of Respected Dr.Smita Kulkarni Senior Scientist Molecular Virology Laboratory, Pune. He obtained the position of an Associate Professor at the G H Raisoni University Amravati GHRU.He has published more than 70 research articles in SCI(E) journals.