Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Ronald Roossevelt Ramos Montiel

Catholic University of Cuenca, Ecuador

Title: Oral manifestations of covid-19 in adult patients: A systematic review


Introduction: It is currently considered that patients with COVID-19 may present certain common oral lesions of the oral cavity; However, in medically compromised patients, such as diabetics, hypertensive individuals, those suffering from obesity or heart disease there is an increased risk of developing ulcers, recurrent blisters on the palatal mucosa, burning sensation, dry mouth (xerostomia) and reduced saliva production, due to alteration of the mucosal barrier in the respiratory tract, thus presenting a broad differential diagnosis in the evolution of the disease.

The objective was to identify the oral manifestations of COVID-19 in adult patients.

A database registry of n = 1956 was established, of which 100 studies were selected for this review, distributed: 36% from Europe, 26% from Asia, 26% from South America and 12% from North America.

Extensive electronic research was carried out in the databases: PubMed, Scopus, Epistemonikos, Web of Science, Springer, Lilacs, Latindex, Redalyc, Bireme, and the reports of the World Health Organization and the Pan-American Health Organization.

Study Selection:
The research strategy was based on Medical Subject Heading terms, along with Health Sciences Descriptors. Certain descriptors were amplified for the Elsevier COVID-19 oral disease database and resources.

Dysgeusia would be one of the initial oral manifestations of the COVID-19. 

Health workers would have a new resource for the early diagnosis of asymptomatic patients or those in initial stages of COVID-19, through the effective collaboration between the team from the Critical Care Unit and the Dentistry Service.


Ronald Ramos has an orthodontic specialty. He obtained his doctorate at the age of 34 from the University of Zulia, Venezuela. He is currently an undergraduate professor in dentistry and coordinator of the specialization in orthodontics at the Catholic University of Cuenca. He is also editor-in-chief of the Multidisciplinary Graduate Journal and vice-president of the Orthodontic and Orthopaedic Society of Azuay-Ecuador.