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Pharma Conference 2023

Safia Abdul Raheem Alvi

University of Sains Malaysia , Pakistan

Title: The knowledge of resuscitation medications administration and obstacles encountered by Pakistani nurses in Lahore; A cross sectional study


Background: One of the main reasons for patient morbidity and mortality is medication errors, which has a negative impact on the healthcare system. Errors in the administration of drugs that endanger patient safety are regarded to be significantly influenced by nurses' lack of knowledge.

Method: A cross-sectional study of nurses working in Lahore's public and private hospitals (10 private, 6 public, and 2 teaching hospitals) was carried out. During the three-month selection phase (March–June 2021), nurses were gathered utilizing a convenient sampling technique. Data were gathered using a self-administered, pre-validated questionnaire. In order to analyze the data, SPSS version 27 was used. 

Objective: This study aimed to assess the knowledge of nurses regarding the administration of these medications and what obstacles they faced.

Results: The study involved a total of 409 nurses, of whom 55.3% were found to have acceptable knowledge (score >70%) of resuscitation drugs and 44.7% to have insufficient knowledge. Age and experience were strongly correlated with knowledge (p0.001), as were working in a public hospital (p=0.032) and having had ACLS training (p=0.006). "Interrupting the drug administration procedure when other tasks need to be handled" (75.6%), "Insufficient knowledge" (69.4%), and "Reluctance to ask questions" (67.7%) were the three main challenges experienced by nurses when administering resuscitation drugs. 

Conclusion: Evidence-based findings show that Pakistani nurses lack understanding of how to administer resuscitation medications, leading to medication error incidents. Further study is needed in this area and nurses must be trained to reduce medication error incidents.


Safia Alvi has defended her MS- clinical pharmacy dissertation this year in March, from university of Sains Malaysia. She is currently working as a clinical pharmacist in Ginnastic health center. She has published an article in the Malaysian journal of pharmacy and also another article is submitted and is under review. Her job is linked to metabolic disease reversal and she is helping many patients battle their chronic diseases.