Virtual Conference

Suzana Apostolovska

Nedcann, North Macedonia

Title: Identification of medicinal plants of interest for the development of new drugs


The process of discovery and development of new chemical synthetic drugs is characterized by: expensive and difficult research, capital investments and risky success rate. These factors have sparked growing interest in research into traditional herbal drugs and medicinal plants over the past few decades. Their long use in the treatment of various diseases in traditional medicine indicates a high success rate in the discovery and development of new drugs. E.g., from the golden grass (Coptis chinensis fam. Ranunculaceae), medicinal plant, used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of inflammatory symptoms and infectious diseases for more than 3.000 years, has been isolated berberine - a substance that has powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Traditional records of this plant have documented other pharmacological effects with potential implications for clinical conditions: diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, depression.


MPharm, Drug control and analytics spec., currently on PhD studies. 40 years experience in pharmacy (19 in clinical, 20 in galenic and 1 year in industry for production of medicinal canabis).    External evaluator for accreditation of laboratories and hospitals at „The Institute for accreditation of North Macedonia"; Pharmacy expert in The Public Council Procurement", by, Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia"; Professional supervisor for public health institutions and healthcare professionals in them in The Pharmaceutical Chamber of North Macedonia". Author of many articles in Macedon. pharm. bull., Macedon. pharm. informant, AIP-An official publication of Association of Indian Pharmacist in Surat.  Attendant in  many: congresses, conferencies and events related to pharmacy in North Macedonia, but also in the countries of the Balkan (Croatia).