Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Svyatoslav Milovanov

Independent Researcher, Russian Federation

Title: Predicting of patient’s enrollment to multicentral international clinical trials of II–III phase


Many  international  multicentertrials  ending  by  fail  due  to  fail  to  recruitment  of  patients.  Objective  was  to  find  the integrated and simple value for the assessing the possibility of recruitment in particular sites on the feasibility stage. Design  consisted  of  retrospective  review  of the  selected  parameters  since  feasibility  stage  to  final  report  of  studies conducting in a few sites since 2008 to 2017 year. It was also selected empirical range of the sites. Collection of data was done from the private experience of authors. The integrated and simple values for the assessment of the possibility of recruitment in particular sites on the feasibility stage were calculated. Recruitment of patient as an integrated part of site’s work could be calculated as the beginning of running study on particular site which can lead to increasing of study success and could be used as an embedded value in artificial intelligence for both virtual and real studies. We titled this “calculated type of site on enrollment (CTSE)”.


Svyatoslav Milovanov since 2000 graduated in Saratov Medical University in pediatrician and started doctor career. In 2003 got PhD degree and in 2008 graduated in  physic science. Since 2007 started career in clinical trial industry and as of now is making services for CRO in patient's recruitment, site management, medical scientific support.  Scientific interests is prognosis of patient's recruitment and development approaches to predicting of recruitment. Author more than 50+ publication