Virtual Conference

Vipin Kumar

Aakash healthcare super specialty hospital, India

Title: Assessing the impact of using sepsis bundle to salvage critically sick patients admitted with sepsis in a tertiary care hospital in India


Sepsis is life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dys regulated host response to infection. Sepsis and septic shock are major healthcare problems, impacting millions of people around the world each year and killing between one in three and one in six of those it affects. Early identification and appropriate management in the initial hours after the development of sepsis improve outcomes. A prospective observational study was conducted in  Aakash Healthcare super specialty hospital, New Delhi to demonstrate the impact of complying to the six sepsis bundle elements within the first six hours of presentation to the hospital. A total of 758 patients were observed in which sepsis bundle followed in 426 (56.2%) patients and not followed / partially followed in 332 (43.7%) patients. 492 patients were salvaged and 166 patients were not salvaged. The study concluded that the organizations should consider the implementation of dedicated programmes to improve recognition and management of sepsis in all areas.


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