Virtual Conference

Wisam Mahmood Dawood Al-Rubaye

Belgorod national research university, Russia

Title: Preparation and in vitro evaluation of propranolol hcl hollow-type suppositories


Recently discovered that Propranolol Hydrochloride is a potent inhibitor of human sperm motility and can be used as a contraceptive drug through local anaesthetic or membrane stabilizing activity. The aim of this study is to prepared Propranolol Hydrochloride as vaginal hallow suppositories by using different bases. Eight formulas of hallow suppositories were prepared and the influence of different hydrophilic (PEG) and lipophilic (Witepsol H 37) base on in vitro drug release and the physical properties were evaluated. F7 witch contain PEG 400:4000(70:30) gave the best drug release of 99% with accepted physicochemical properties. On the other hand, the most appropriated hollow type formula (F7) was compared to the conventional prepared suppositories from the same base of F7 (PEG 400:4000 at 70:30) the results indicated that a significant increase (P<0.05) of drug release for the selected hollow type formula in the comparison with the conventional one (52% drug release). The F7 was stored at 4°C and 28°C for 30 days to study the effect of storage time and storage temperature on the in vitro drug release and the physical properties for these samples was studied.  The results indicated that the effect of storage on the suppositories prepared from PEG 400:4000(70:30) cause slight increase in melting time and hardness (physical properties) and slight increase in release rate of drug from suppository base. The conclusion was that propranolol  Hcl can be prepared as a suitable vaginal hollow type suppositories for contraceptive effect through rapid release process of drug.


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