Virtual Conference
Pharma Conference 2022

Yacquelynes Corona Hechavarria

Medical Sciences University, South Africa

Title: Study on cutaneous tuberculosis: Issues in the diagnose


Liquen scrofulosorum, also known as tuberculosis cutis lichenoides, is a rare tuberculid that presents as lichenoid eruptions of minute papule, is an uncommon disease and easily misdiagnosed. The lesions are usually asymptomatic, closely grouped, skin colored to reddish-brown papules, often perifollicular. The eruption usually is associated with a strongly positive tuberculin reaction. Diagnosis of the lesions can be difficult, as they resemble many other dermatological conditions that are often primarily considered. A report a case of lichen scrofulosorum in an adult male with a florid medical history is done with the objective of determinate the effectivity of the antitubercular therapy, was revealed the promptly responded to antitubercular therapy of the patient with a complete clearance of the lesions after one month. Background: This case highlights the uncommon easily misdiagnosed but readily treatable case of lichen scrofulosorum.


Yacquelynes Corona Hechavarria has completed his PHD at the age of 35 years from Medical Sciences University, Holguin, Cuba. She is a medical doctor Grade 3 of the department of Health of Mpumalanga, South Africa. She had participated in several Scientific Forum in all her career. She has multiples research done as Principal Author and others done as Tutor, with more than 15 publications and her later publication was published also as a book chapter. She is member of The Family Medicine Society in Cuba, Assistant Professor and Investigator of the  Medical Sciences University of Holguin, Cuba.